I hope you’ve done your warm up before reading this article because, after knowing this secret you won’t stop eating to achieve your visualized physique. Oh, wait! Did I just read eating you might ask? And the answer to it is YES! The secret to achieving your visualized physique is tightly stringed to your “Diet”. It has been rightly said that fitness is sketched on a phenomenon which is 20% workout and 80% diet. It’s apparently a hard fact to digest, but an interesting truth to learn about.


Let us dissect this fact to know why our diet is more important than our over-hyped workout. So, has there been a time when you ran an extra mile pushing and crossing your limit with a hope to lose more weight? Or joined a hot yoga class to get those abs in shape. Probably so, Everyone has gone through that phase. However, when you reach home your stomachs all gripping with hunger, ready to devour anything in sight, you end up craving, and that extra mile goes to waste. After all this, we question ourselves on why can’t we see any difference in our weight? Let’s dig a little to know more of this whole concept of the 80% Diet and 20% Workout and hot to really balance your diet and workout.


The most hidden fact about fitness is that your diet is your Hero! A successful key to losing weight is to take in fewer calories than what you burn. To lose a pound, you’d probably need to achieve a 3,500 calorie deficit. If you’re following the 80/20 rule, this means you’d want to hit for about 750 calories burned through exercise and the rest cut through dietary changes. But it so commonly happens that after your workout you’re so dead hungry that you don’t mind stopping by the chat-wala just near your gym to grab a small bite. However, that may probably serve your hunger for that moment but will leave your #Fitnessgoals unfulfilled.


Your diet totally depends on the kind of person you are, the place you reside at as well as the kind of fitness goals you have set. However, the priority factor to be followed on your road to fitness is getting rid of all your junk food habits. Secondly include a lot of good carbohydrates in your diet and increase your water intake to atleast 2 litres a day, as carbohydrates provide the fuel for your body to exercise more and water acts as your hydration partner. You could also supplement water with our Coconut Water to help you shed some extra kilos along with hydrating you. Include proteins like: Lentils, Curd, Paneer, Eggs etc. as a compulsory food to all your diet routines especially if you plan to follow the 80/20 fitness routine. Last but not the least try and eat a lot of fiberous fruits or do our Fiber Cleanse once a month to maintain your bowel health.


Now, as you’ve got yourself educated about this fact, the key point to take home today is that your workout has its own place and it is contributing its bit to your health and physique, however, it is almost handicap without a healthy and balanced diet.

So start today, in fact, start now! Say goodbye to all your junk food habits and make way for a healthy and balanced diet. Hope you have gained some tips on how to balance your diet and exercise. Eat Clean. Stay Lean. Check out our article about the 80/20 Diet Rule to know more.

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