Wish snoozing alarms and jogging your foggy brain in the morning counted as a workout? As much as we wish it were true, following a balanced diet and some regular physical exercise is the way to go if you want to be a healthy and fit. Figuring out the perfect workout regime for yourself can be confusing. An early morning run or a post-work gym session? If these questions are the ones keeping you from attaining your fitness goals, stop overthinking. Let us make your life easier by telling you why you should workout in the morning, read on to find out.


Develop A Good Habit

Imagine getting done after a day of work and being faced with two choices – drinks with friends or an hour at the gym. What would you pick? You can deny it all you want but we know what choice you’re more inclined towards. Exercising after work is not always productive – you may feel tired or skip the gym for other plans. This disrupts the consistency, and you may end up becoming lazier. Working out in the morning clears your space for the entire day and slowly becomes a routine for you. Our suggestion? Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing!


Make Your Diet Absolute #HealthGoals

You are what you eat. You will consciously say no to greasy, oily junk food, because who would want to eat fries after doing push-ups? If you ever see yourself faltering, remember that you’ve got to hustle for the muscle. Eat like a pro and watch that protein shake bring all the boys and girls to the yard!


#BeastMode Throughout The Day

While the morning workout may make you go weak in your knees, it will also make you active for the rest of the day. 8 hours of work followed by drinks? Bring. It. On.

Sleep Like A Baby

Early to bed, early to rise! Morning exercises wake you up like a flood of espresso in your system. Having trouble sleeping? Here’s a simple solution: Workout, followed by your daily activities. This will make you sleep on time and cherish it too. Take no less than 8 hours of sleep – you can Netflix during the day!


Earn The Ultimate Bragging Rights

Woke up at 7 AM to run 5 kilometers and do some squats? Well, you just won a fit body and the bragging trophy of the year! Be the coolest person in your circle, you have earned it.

It’s common to assume that cardio is hardio, but always remember that your body can stand almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince. A warm-up stretch, a cup of coffee, a wild dancing ritual – do whatever it takes to wake your brain up! And run. Run like your phone is at 1%.

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