We’d like a tall glass of radiance this season! Would you like one too? The rainy season introduces itself with mind blowing weather, beautiful rainbows and the hot snacks as the perfect accompaniment. Not to throw a damper on the season but we also fall prey to the flu, cough and unfortunate viruses.

But hey, look on the bright side, we have combined the top 5 drinks you should indulge in this monsoon, to keep you hydrated, refreshed and ready to take on the fun. So, the rainy season got nothin’ on you!


1. Apple Of Our Eye

The nourishing fruit keeps your sickness away all year round. Besides just tasting too damn good, it’s rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, that protect you from heart disorders. Loaded with iron and antioxidants, this untouched apple juice strengthens your immunity. An apple a day certainly does keep the doctor away, but that depends on which apple juice you consume! No wonder why this drink is the first on our list of Monsoon Drinks! The Raw Pressery Apple Juice is the whole fruit in a bottle that is healthy as a fresh untouched apple from the tree. So if you are looking for just Apple juice and nothing else? You’ve come to the right place.


2. Pom Pom

The Pomegranate, with ruby arils, is packed with all the vitamins to keep you refreshed for the season. So throw those pom poms in your body and not in the air as they improve blood flow and blood pressure to give you a healthy heart. That’s not all! The scintillating red juice controls the blood’s bad cholesterol level too. As a fruit, the pomegranate has definitely hit the jackpot! It looks good, tastes good and does your body right. Take in all the good stuff the ruby fruit has to bring to you from the Raw Pressery Pomegranate Juice.


3. Get ‘Em Guava

Not only does the guava keep you healthy during the season but it also helps get rid of excess body weight. Loaded with Vitamin C, it keeps your skin, hair and body nourished throughout with just a few gulps of the juice. Take the best out of guava and nothing else, that’s why the Raw Pressery Guava Juice comes with the whole fruit and no added ingredients.


4. Tomato Tales

It’s always tomato o’clock when it’s so good for you! The Raw Pressery Tomato Soup- er Soup Bundle has dietary fibres that make this soup the perfect option for better digestive health. Did you think that’s all tomatoes are good for? This manganese-rich soup strengthens your bone structure and increases your metabolism too. High source of vitamin A and C, it keeps your body looking oh so fine! The tangy tomato moderates diabetes with the mineral chromium, that helps regulate blood sugar. Is it a veggie, is it a fruit? One thing’s for sure it’s the best thing for a fit body. Check out our recipe of Tomato Soup.


5. Hey, Ginger!

Ginger tends to boost your metabolism in the monsoon and your mood! However, ginger is best when you meet it with its entourage! We are talking about the tangy tangerine and the charming carrot. The three together conquer the health quotient of your body and keep the unwanted colds at bay! The monsoon threesome shields your body with its Vitamin E goodness. So take in a bit of the Raw Pressery Shield Bundle, that is filled with ginger, tangerine and carrot to keep you going during the monsoon time!