We know you lift bro, but there’s a new whey to go. It’s all about instant natural supplements today. And what better supplement than nature’s all-natural fruits and vegetables? Find a new natural gym supplement with the freshest of fresh blends at our RAW Pressery store. Workouts are intense, and the sweet taste of a cold supplement at end is rewarding AF. However, supplements can be expensive and often have negative side effects on the body. If you didn’t know already, our Morning Glory shot is a great booster before your morning workout.


1. No Whey Man

It all feels good and healthy as you gulp down that expensive protein powder shake after you hustle for muscle. However, not only is this protein powder detoxing your wallet, it comes with a number of harmful side effects too. Studies have shown that elevated levels of protein can cause kidney damage, liver problems, even excess fat gain! Going for natural supplements can produce better results as it ensures a balanced diet. Your body needs maximum 1.4g of protein for every kilo. Along with this there are numerous other vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential for building muscle and losing weight. To put it simply, pure protein powder often leads to an unbalanced diet and poorer results. It’s time to rant about the plants!


2. Muscle Sprouts

Welcome to myth-busters, the biggest myth we’re busting today is that vegetarian sources do not contain enough protein. This is simply not true. The truth is easy to digest, especially this one! A major worry people have is the low fibre content in juices. With RAW Pressery’s cold pressed juice, we ensure that all the nutrients and fibre is retained thoroughly. Did you know spinach and kale have an extremely high protein content? Yup, it’s all about powerplants today. Get your protein fix from these greens with our Green bundle. Minerals, fibre, vitamins, blood purifiers, this blend has got it all! Another benefit of an all-natural gym shake is that is has fewer calories than you think (as long as you’re not slyly sweetening the deal). It’s time to eat right, not just might!


3. Shake It Up

Who remembers being a kid and having a blender at your mercy? It was a world full of possibilities as we made our very own mix of chocolates, cookies, and what not. Let’s rediscover that joy with customizable all-natural shakes! You can make your own natural gym shake with ingredients to your liking or requirement. Pack a serious protein punch by adding dry fruits into the mix. And if it isn’t sweet enough you can use a number of natural sugars such as honey! The best sweetener of all? All these ingredients aren’t going drain your wallet! Customizable, cheaper, and healthier, what’s not to like? Become a MasterJuicer by throwing in some sweet spices too like Cinnamon and Cardamom. It’s time to become the real OGG, the Original Green Gangsta!

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