It’s that time of the year again, time to enjoy the health benefits of Strawberries. Strawberries are here to make us happy and healthy. If you’re not a lover of Strawberries, well, you should be. Aside from their juicy, delicious, sweetness strawberries are also a power-packed superfood with a lot of health benefits. These tiny red fruits are full of life, literally! They prevent Cancer, heart disease, and much more. Dotted with seeds of hope, this super-fruit is jamming with nutrients! Best of all? They’re berry, berry tasty!

Here is our list of top 5 health benefits of strawberries:


1. C-eal The Deal

Most mammals can produce Vitamin-C naturally, well, except humans. Yeah, we got dealt a bad hand there. However, Strawberries are the sweetest looking pathogen weapons there ever were. The strawberries are loaded with Vitamin-C, which works directly to boost your immunity. Two servings of Strawberries will provide your daily Vitamin-C requirement. Who said you need carrots to boost your eyesight? Strawberries will do just the job. Go on, C’s the day!

benefits of strawberry

2. Strawberries-The Answer To Cancer

Strawberries contain a phytochemical known as ‘Ellagic acid’. This has been known to ward off Cancer with its anti-cancer properties. The juicy red pulp is also packed with anti-oxidants which elevate the benefits of strawberries even more. Which helps destroy harmful molecules known as ‘free radicals’. Think of it as Strawberries deploying a special task force unit into your bloodstream. You know what they say, it’s all good, no bad!


3. Healthy & Hearty

It’s almost as if Strawberries were created specifically to improve heart health. No kidding! They contain a wide range of nutrients that work directly to impact the heart. Anti-oxidants protect blood vessels from damage. On the other hand, the high potassium content works to lower the blood pressure. Even better, the soluble fibre found in the pulp lowers blood cholesterol. Seriously, eat some Strawberries and get a life.

Strawberries Rawpressery

4. Skin-tastic

Strawberries ensure you feel good and look good too! The vitamin-C content greatly helps with the production of collagen. Ellagic acid, on the other hand, prevents collagen destruction. To put simply, Strawberries will help keep those wrinkles at bay. Get your skin looking super smooth with this nutrient-packed fruit and its amazing health benefits.


5. Fine On Fibre

Strawberries contain about 2g of fibre per serving, which is a healthy dose. Fibre is required for healthy digestion. Even better, it helps fight type 2 Diabetes. Yep, that’s another health benefit of this cute fruit. Seriously, is there anything Strawberries can’t do? What are you waiting for? Get popping on some Strawberries or blend them into a milkshake. We’ve got them packed into our Choose Life bundle. Take a sip and get high on health! Strawberry? More like Star-berry. Hope you liked our list of health benefits of Strawberries. Check out the health benefits of sugarcane juice.