The Grammy Award Night is undisputedly the biggest night for music. The biggest stars behind the mics come together and celebrate their art, and cheer each other on as they take home their well-deserved gramophones. But the Grammy awards are also a showdown- a showdown of fashion and fitness where celebrities show off more than just their skills (if you catch our drift)..

The 59th Annual Grammys were no different. We saw Grammys sweetheart, Adele, win by a landslide this year, bagging 5 awards, but the humble Londoner couldn’t help but get teary-eyed as she mentioned Queen Bee (who flaunted her major baby bump and that #glowlife). Chance the Rapper won big at the award ceremony this year. Shockingly, Drake, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, among others failed to make an appearance at the Grammys this year.


Lady Gaga

Known for her eccentric style aesthetics and the recent social media backlash from her SuperBowl performance, Lady Gaga is undeniably a style icon.

But with great outfits, comes the great responsibility of maintaining a figure that complements them.

In a recent interview she revealed she lost a whooping 25 pounds! All thanks to a portion controlled diet and her relentless love for hot yoga.

An advocate against body image issues amongst young girls and a spokesperson for mental health, this diva loves her some SoulCycle and sticking to a routine.She believes in cross training and working out for at least 25 minutes per day even when she’s on tour. All we can say is kudos!

Chrissy Teigen

The reigning Queen of Twitter, always ready with some quips and clapbacks was a vision on the Grammy 2017 Red Carpet. An ardent believer of not skipping breakfast, the supermodel loves eggs in the morning.

Scramled, hard-boiled or in a salad, she loves those #gains. Her diet is filled with superfoods like almonds, salmon, tuna, seaweed and avocados.

She also believes in juicing with loaded green juices, making her our personal favourite for obvious reasons (wink wink).She’s also written a cookbook filled with low carb recipes and her blog is absolutely drool-worthy. When it comes to working out she enjoys workouts in groups, but worships Physique 57’s fun barre workouts the most.


Carrie Underwood

She does it again. At the Grammys this year, she stunned in this Elie Madi number. The vegan likes to keep her food simple and unprocessed and vows never to eat meat again.

She believes she looks and feels better with this diet regimen and hailing from the South, where everything is fried, tries to keep her food as simple as possible. She employs an interesting way to workout, which is as fun as it is novel.

She uses a deck of cards and assigns a body region to each suit, for example diamonds for arms, clubs for legs etc.She’ll open up the cards and workout accordingly. For example, a 10 of clubs would mean 10 squats and so on. This stunner sure knows how to keep this fresh and interesting with her workouts.

Demi Lovato

Sheer dress. Tick. Cut out neckline. Tick. Mermaid Waves. Tick. That Glow Though. Tick. All hail Demi Lovato in this sexy AF Julien MacDonald dress at the Grammys this year.

The songstress suffered from bulimia but she beat it. And how! She’s never looked more stunning and she’s giving us major goals RN. The powerhouse works out twice a day at the gym, where she alternates between strength training with weights and cardio (another SoulCycle shipper).

She only eats carbs after working out and surprisingly, cooks herself! Her major focus during her workout is her legs because they have the biggest muscles and burn the most amounts of calories. She embraces her curves and is definitely an icon for loving yourself.

Lea Michelle

The ballad powerhouse famous for her role in the musical series, Glee looked drop dead gorgeous in this Roberto Cavalli outfit on the Grammy’s red carpet. The slender lady stays that way because she likes to mix up her workouts. Her fitness philosophy is to keep moving.

Another SoulCycle addict, she’s into yoga and pilates as well. She doesn’t believe in depriving herself but tries sticking to her low carb diet plan as religiously as possible.She loves Mexican food and would never say no to a healthy serving of guacamole.

She also loves pasta but only indulges in them on cheat days. She eats protein rich salads and sushi, but will also have a smoothie post her workout to get in those #gains.

These were our top 5 looks from Grammys 2017 and how these divas got those banging bods to sport them. We can’t wait to see what the upcoming award season has lined up for us, but for now excuse us as we continue to drool over those jaw dropping outfits.

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