Everything in between 25th and 31st Dec is also the festival of over-indulgence, family reunions, all-night long ragers and a copious amount of binging. But through all this the constants are the endless flow of calories and the ridiculous amounts of merriment that ensue. While you’re either indulging in sweets and fried foods or you’ve hit the sauce, and if this was you.


And this was you.




And you know you did this


Then you know that this is going to be you when you check the scale.


And this goes without saying

So the question arises how are you going to keep your fitness game on point during this festive season?

You can start-off during December itself by drinking a lot of water, before your meals, so you end up eating less (plus it’s great to avoid a hangover). What you could also do would be to somehow incorporate a quick 30-minute workout everyday, so you can balance out the harm you’re doing to your body during the festival.

While moderation can be hard to achieve, a post New Year cleanse is not. All you’ve got to do is figure out how much you’ve indulged and pick a cold-pressed juice cleanse & find out how many days you need to do a cleanse to get your gainz back on track.

Once you’ve picked your cleanse, you need to start by staying strong- physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Don’t change your daily routine, keep at it, but try to incorporate some more physical activities and some time to meditate.

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