It’s not just gym, and there’s so much more to cardio. Lately, it’s all about cycling, kickboxing and even trekking! There are so many outdoor activities that can help with weight loss, it’s up to you to find your favourite! Working out doesn’t have to feel like working out. The gym is great. But let’s face it, while you may enjoy going to the gym, you wouldn’t exactly call it fun. There’s something about outdoor activities that makes you feel alive, it’s you against the natural elements of nature that make it such a thrill. They are known to flood your brain with serotonin and dopamine, the happy hormones. So get out there and start your 2018 right with one the activities below!


1. Cycling

You don’t have to go all out as if a Tour de France is coming up, to put simply, it’s a great exercise to switch things up in your workout. This outdoor activity can double up as a mode of transport. It is a super way to burn calories, and work out your glutes (butt muscles), hamstrings, quadriceps, shins and calves. Outdoor cycling is far more engaging and the variations in the road will ensure you get a more natural, holistic workout. Find yourself a biking buddy to keep up that motivation, like Lance Armstrong said, cycling is pretty dope!


2. Trekking

To heck with it, let’s trek! With the weather dropping down it’s time to climb up. Make the most of the great weather with a trek up a mountain! Go with your buddies for a day trek on the weekends and shed those calories. Treks are a great way to push your limits, and then natural scenery promises to keep you entertained. Trekking naturally spikes the intensity level of your workout which helps you to burn three times the body fat of a flat walk. Life’s a climb, but the view is great!


3. Sports

Play some football or cricket at your local club, opt for an intensive sport that keeps you constantly engaged. This promises to help with weight loss, and it won’t even feel like a workout. Fall in love with the activity and the weight will fall right off! Take precautions when it comes to contact sports, as the risk of injury is far higher. You don’t want to be back on the couch again! It’s time to score those for 2018.

4.  Kickboxing

This activity can be done indoors as well as outdoors. Kickboxing is the latest trending workout activity. And we can see why! This awesome exercise works just about every part of your body and serves as weight loss as well as strength training! Truly the best of both worlds. Even better, kickboxing is a great way to tame the stress. It’s time to find your inner Muhammad Ali!


5. Swimming

Who doesn’t love a swim in the summer? It is a fantastic activity that can make for an incredible full-body cardiovascular workout that works all the major muscle groups. Swimming protects your body against the jarring effects of other activities and is a great way to tone and strengthen the body. Then again, have you ever seen a swimmer with a bad bod?

Start your workout our right with a shot of our Morning Glory. Don’t feel like going outdoors? Check out Gearing Up For The Gym.