‘Tis the season to overload, isn’t it? Not for the health conscious though! With calories in flow, we need somewhere to hide! The health-conscious get little pity this season as Ladoos are dumped in our plate at Nani’s Diwali party. You’re damned if you eat and damned if you don’t! Have no fear, Raw Pressery is here with some delightful advice on sweets that are healthy. Check out some healthy recipes for low calorie mithai this Diwali!

Dear Daddy, No More Sugar!

Let’s get down to business with the universal favorite, Kheer. The milk based delicacy, has health benefits that belie its appearance. It is high protein, high calcium, low sugar, low fat! Sounds like music to our ears. Put together some low fat milk, low fat paneer and a pinch of Cardamom powder coupled with a little sugar substitute.

Got an apron on? Get ready to whip up these ingredients in some heat before allowing it to cool in the fridge for an hour. It might feel like a 120-minute hour, so sit back and read on for healthier mithai recipes!

Hey Honey, I’m Gone

Next up we’ve got a low-calorie Mango Rabadi recipe. All you need is low fat milk (duh!) and some sweet Mango along with milk and nutmeg powder. Few recipes come easier than this, heat the milk, once it is simmering, toss in the ingredients. Wait a minute! It’s Diwali, Mangoes are out of season? Well, not at the Raw Pressery store, use some cold pressed Mango Juice as a like for like substitute!

Give it a couple of minutes more and then set it aside for a slow cool while adding a teaspoon of sugar substitute. Once done, serve cold for some kheer and chill! Go on, lap up the low-calorie stuff!

Appie Diwali

We’ve got some Oats Apple Phirni to answer the last of your healthy mithai prayers. Thank the lord for the fiber laden naturally sweet apple! Gloat all you want with this oat based health friendly delicacy. No more quaker-ing in your boots at the sight of those mithais, this high calcium and high protein sweet dish is prepared with a cup of powdered oats and grated apple. Add three cups of low fat milk in a pan and cook for 2 minutes. We all know an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially during Diwali!

Then set it aside, to cool and add the sugar substitute to phirn-ish it off! That’s all it takes! Your own set of healthy dessert recipes. No more loafing around at the Diwali party, lap it up guilt free, sugar free!

We’re pretty close, but not there yet, read on to Unlock The Secret To A Fabulous Diwali.

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