Ah, New Year resolutions. By the time you’re reading this, you would have already fixed upon a new year resolution, embarked and forgotten it in the matter of days, if not hours. Story of our lives, every year, isn’t it? Let’s take a step back this time and decide on a doable resolution and an achievable goal – Eat Healthy. After all, eating healthy is just eating normally, isn’t it?

Give up

1. Donut Give up

You can definitely sugar coat everything you say this year if you wish to, but don’t let that happen to your food. There’s abundance of research available backing the fact that if you are trying to cut down on one ingredient for a healthy eating, it should probably be sugar. You can get started with reading why do you need to reduce sugar intake followed by all the food you need to cut out to eliminate that added sugar. Our guide to Cut Down On Added Sugar will help you to get the head start you need. If you’re loving this already, here’s a challenge for you. Check out #NoAddedSugarChallenge. What say, Game on?


2. Game Of Phones

Let’s go back to the basics, killing phone screens on dinner table. They’re pure conversation killers and take away the attention from what you are consuming. You don’t want to overeat, do you? To keep this in check, mark out tech-free zones around and switch off those push notifications to begin with. Compliment your digital detox with the RAW Pressery’s Detox bundle for a smarter detox from within. Keep all your multitasking abilities for workplace and eat the food before you trend on Instagram! Penne for the thoughts?

3. Improved Performance In Bed

So last night was about all booze no snooze? All that extra calories you consumed while partying surely has put you off your diet plan. And how can we forget all the post-party overeating! Research says sleeping on time helps avoid cravings for unhealthy food psychologically, keeping you right on your diet track. Don’t believe me? Sleep over it. If you happen to be a night owl, you can definitely try counting sheeps or be wise and try a drink from these 5 Drinks For a Deep Sleep 

4. New year, New destination

Often, a break from the monotonous work schedule is all you need to get all rejuvenated. This break could be for a few minutes or hours or even for an entire weekend. If you’re the luckier one who has the option for the latter, pack your bags right now and aim for an entirely unique experience. After all, the relief a beautiful destination has to offer from all the hustle and bustle, an overcrowded club with an overpriced drink in hand definitely can’t. Want us to help you get started? Check out some Offbeat Destination suggestions

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