In conversation with Merrylin Boro on clean eating being a fit bit.

What’s the importance of a good diet according to you?

It is so important to eat right and listen to your body. It can uplift your mood and boost energy. No matter how disciplined your workout regime, if it is not supported by a healthy and balanced diet it will not last long. When you eat healthy you feel good from within, I feel there is more positive energy around you which helps you get things done.

Some good diet hacks that you follow.

You can also wake up to Coconut Water which is often considered natures energy drink.

How do you see fitness catching up and becoming a trend?

People are now becoming more conscious towards fitness and eating healthy. There has been a shift from traditional gyms where you simply lift weights to more functional workouts which involved more body weight, technique and endurance. It also helps build a community spirit that pushes you towards achieving your fitness goals.

One change that you’d like to make in yourself?

I’m consciously working on making better choices that do not have a negative impact on our planet, whether it’s producing less waste, composting, shopping habits. Sustainable living is not a fad but a lifestyle which is a need of the hour and I am also slowly evolving towards cleaner living.

Merrylin Boro

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